Swimmer of the week: Evie

Evie & Izzy

  Evie has been with K & K for the last year and a half. She has had tremendous success in conquering her fears for the water and in turn, falling in love with it! 

  Evie first started swimming lessons in groups at a city pool, and trips to the facility were anything but pleasant as recounted by Evie’s mother, Nicki.


“It was concerning. We didn’t know whether to keep her in her class or pull her out. Evie wasn't putting her face in the water, she just wasn't enjoying the experience. So we enrolled her in K & K’s private lessons, ” Recounts Nicki.

When Evie stepped foot into her first lesson, I asked her what she was so afraid of. Evie admitted she was worried of the deep water and that she would drown if she went near it. So we started slow, accepting that it may be an emotional process and challenged her fear of the water by using goggles, allowing her to be more comfortable to put her face in the water.

Evie swimming in the deep end of the Shaw centre.

Evie swimming in the deep end of the Shaw centre.

Evie came up laughing and the floodgates had opened - a breakthrough moment! She submerged herself over and over again during the lesson and finally stopped associating ‘the water’ with fear and could start to enjoy it. Evie is now swimming across the pool doing front crawl, back crawl, butterfly kick and can even dive down to touch the bottom of the deep end! 

Evie is our featured swimmer of the week! Great job Evie!