Swimmer of the week: Kolten!

Kolten swimming

This week’s swimmer of the week is Kolton! Kolton shows up to his lesson every Sunday morning with a great attitude to learn and give it his best! At only six years old Kolton can swim two laps of a 25 metre pool with perfect front crawl and execute a flip turn on the wall to continue back to the other side. Not bad for a little boy who couldn’t even put his face in the water two years ago!

Fast forward to today and Kolton has learned all four strokes and can transition from one to the other so beautifully. Kolton’s mom adds that eventually he wants to go into competitive swimming, “We are incredibly proud of his swimming skills and look forward to what the future holds.  He talks about winning medals one day and we get excited thinking about the possibility.”

With Kolton’s determination and mature work ethic he proves that consistent practice pays off! Way to go Kolton!!!