Swimmer of the week: Logan!

Logan swimming

This week’s swimmer of the week is Logan! In spite of his ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder Logan has been able to overcome many obstacles and learn SO much. To put this in perspective, Logan has come to learn how to swim front crawl by physically learning how to lift up his arm and rotate it in a circle. Each week he would practice his rotations until he could try it in the water. Now Logan can swim front crawl across the pool!

Logan Swimming

One of Logan’s biggest obstacles he’s overcome has been his anxiety and fear of jumping into the pool. With baby steps, gradual progression and some regression along the way, Logan can now jump into the deep end pool all by himself! Amazing!!  

Logan doing a backstar

Logan has grown to become such a strong swimmer physically and mentally! His mother adds“We still cannot believe the progress Logan makes on a weekly basis …We highly recommend K&K Swim School to everyone, but especially for those with any sort of challenge.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for teaching our Logan how to swim.  We are so proud of you Logan!” Way to go Logan, you are such an inspiration!