Swimmer of the week: Brady!

Brady Swimming

Brady as been with K & K Swim School for over a year. “It wasn’t such an easy start” according to his mother Jeanette. “Brady started with K &K swim school when he was two years old. Not gonna lie it was a tough few sessions, he would start off crying for the first 10 minutes or the whole thing, would even make himself throw up a few times. It wasn’t because he hated it, its he wanted me in the pool with him. But we stuck with it because we kept seeing improvement each time…”

Now instead of crying, Brady talks and laughs his whole lesson. He loves jumping in the pool, swimming by himself on his front or back and swimming down to the bottom of the pool to pick up his favourite toys!

Brady’s mom adds that putting Brady in K & K Swim School was the best investment she every made simply for the fact that “if he was ever in trouble for whatever reason in the water, he would be able to swim to the edge to safety and that’s our #1 goal!!”

We’re so proud of you Brady!!