E's Emergency Room Experience

Our 8 year old strong swimmer, E, went swimming a couple of summers ago in her backyard pool. Her pool had an automatic waterfall that ran water from the pool through a pump on the inside of the wall. The drain is usually protected by a plastic flap that allows only water to pass through by suction. Without knowing that her's was broken, E rested her back on the wall and got stuck. She screamed for help, unable to move. It took a matter of seconds for mom to turn off the pump, yet all the feeling in E's lower body went numb.

Having seen this happen to other children who have died by drowning after their hair gets caught in the drain, EMS counted E a lucky girl for having her hair tied in a bun.

E is now safe and sound, thanks to mom, who was keeping a close eye from the sidelines.

Moral of the story? Watch your children while they are swimming and educate them on safety around the pool. Drains are NEVER to be played with or touched. If a toy get's stuck, ask an adult for help... ALWAYS.