Happy 'Drowning Prevention' week!


Happy 'Drowning Prevention' week! Over the course of the week we have updated our Facebook page with useful tips and tricks on keeping your children safe and happy this Summer! Before checking out the posts, read this story on WHY teaching your children to swim can be so helpful all year round, because as many of us forget, drowning really does exist right in our own backyard!

'My 3 year old went swimming with some extended family last year in their backyard pool. Unable to swim, J used a noodle to get around the shallow end. With four adults and my 7 year old in the pool, what could have gone wrong?

After who knows how long of conversation and laughter, one adult turned around to find my youngest daughter at the bottom of the deep end, unconscious and not breathing. Out of all four adults, only one knew CPR. While CPR was being administered, 911 was dispatched. My daughter was revived and immediately brought to the hospital. She was put on so many different machines to drain the fluid and keep her airways open, all while getting a number of blood tests. After 24 hours of hospitalized surveillance we were sent home with a healthy little girl.

The drowning information you sent is something that I feel can’t be reminded enough. Drowning definitely is SILENT, we witnessed it first hand. These lessons are invaluable and I am so glad my sister told me about them. Thank you.' - Mom of 4 year old SSS swimmer