Swimming Aids

Has anyone ever seen this swimming aids used to help babies swim? These floatation devices leave us at SSS with some questions:

1. What is the physiological impact on the child, when there is pressure into the head and neck? 
Babies diaphramatically breathe (from their tummy), pressure holding upwards into the base of the jaw impedes the ability to breathe - weakening the muscular system of the neck and interfering with the emergency breathing system. 
Experiment with us: Hold your throat slightly, place your thumb and index finger under your jaw line and apply light pressure and breathe. Can you? Not as well as you would without it.

2. If we have a body hanging and head pulled upwards, are we promoting muscular inhibition? 
There is movement in water. Therefore, having the upper body stabilized with the floaty while the lower body is in motion below the water, we would imagine, could cause some sort of damage.

3. Is this safe? (This goes for all swimming aids) What happens when a parent is confident their child is safe swimming with their aid? Distractions. When the child is not in your arms, you are unable to fully comprehend exactly how they are experiencing the water.

Hmmmm, so maybe we need to rethink this way of teaching young children how to swim?

*Thank you to Montreal Muscle Activation Clinic and Personal Training Studio for the physiological analysis on this swimming tool