K&K is proud to announce longer sessions!

Starting for Fall 2019, we’re lengthening our sessions. Take a look at some of the reasons why we are offering this wonderful service:

  • Fewer registrations will mean less stress for you - The registration process is lengthy and time sensitive, and by extending the session, K&K will only have 4 registrations per year

  • Convenient scheduling - Longer sessions make it easy to plan other activities and trips well in advance

  • Consistent scheduling - Keep the same time slot for the entire session to maintain routine. Not only does this help with your personal calendar, but consistent time slots also help the swimmer retain information

  • Build stronger, more meaningful relationships - A longer session means more time spent with your teacher to create the much-needed bond to learn effectively

  • More time means more progress - Breaking down barriers takes a lot of time and can be emotionally difficult for all parties involved. Your swimmer and their instructor are now able to discuss and overcome fear, stroke development, and other concerns within this length of time

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