K&K Swim School

To improve K&K Swim School's client experience, we have made many changes for 2019. In this email, you will find information regarding:

  • Your lesson information and what to bring to your first class

  • IClass Pro's functions

  • A brief overview of K&K's Policies & Procedures 

Here is what to expect this session: 

Late Spring Schedule Runs from
MONDAY, MAY 6th until SUNDAY, JUNE 30th

No Classes on Victoria Day
MONDAY, May 20th



Late Spring Start Dates
 per day of the week:
Monday, May 6th 
Tuesday, May 7th 
Wednesday, May 8th
Thursday, May 9th
Friday, May 10th
Saturday, May 11th
Sunday, May 12th




  • Swimmer's bathing suit

  • Swimmer's towel 

  • If your child gets cold easily, we suggest wearing a swim shirt

  • Swim diapers are mandatory for children who are not yet potty trained. Reusable swim diapers that hug tightly around the waist and thighs are the most effective. To prevent water contamination, we require our swimmers to wear 3 layers over the bottom 

  • Goggles that fit snuggly around the eyes. K&K carries goggles for purchase (for all age groups) in the online merchandise section of the website  http://kkswimschool.com/merchandise/

  • If your swimmer is nervous, bring your child's loving bath toy to break the ice and enjoy their first lesson

  • A snack for them to eat after class as they may be hungry after all their hard work 


What to Expect 

Your first few lessons are all about learning the basics and getting acquainted with your instructor. Swimming lessons can be nerve-wracking, so we incorporate water loving activities with basic swimming skills. We watch for certain cues from the swimmer to make sure we are not progressing too quickly while challenging them to see their potential in the water.



This is the most important part of your journey with us. Our instructors are all trained specifically to teach this program. Their main objective is to get your child swimming and loving the water. 

Some young swimmers may have a tough time leaving mom and dad on deck. Our instructors use a proper tone of voice, nurturing words and comforting touch to help ease them into a loving, trusting relationship with them. We want to make this is the best experience for your family as possible, so making a plan of action with your instructor right off the bat will help the whole transition.

The parent's relationship with the instructor should be just as strong as the swimmer's. This will give the child a sense of security with their new teacher.

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 Are you stuck at a standstill with a fussy swimmer? Or did your little one suddenly regress?

We rely heavily on communication from parents with any questions, comments or concerns you may have during your time with us. Our mission is to get your child swimming. Consistency, teamwork, communication and structure is how we will get there! 


At the end of your first session, your swimmer will leave feeling more comfortable in the water. Our classes are designed to teach beginners who have had little exposure to the water to an advanced swimmer that can swim all four Olympic strokes with confidence.

No matter the case, your journey within our swim school is tracked in your swimmer's Skill Tree on IClass Pro's Parent Portal. To learn more about how to track this on your profile, scroll down to the IClass Pro section of this email. 

Swimming is not easy, teaching it is even harder. Management is always there to make sure that lessons are running smoothly. Though, if ever you have any trouble, be sure to contact head office immediately in order to fix the situation and preserve the relationships we have built with your swimmer. 


K&K's levels are competency-based, building their level of skill in the water with 9 steps.  

Technical skills have their own breakdown by stroke and are taught in order.  

Speak to your instructor about which Learn to Swim or Stroke Development level would be appropriate for your swimmer or view your Skill Tree report on your IClass Pro account. 


Your IClass Pro account has features that will keep you updated with your child's progress within the swim school. In this email, we will walk you through how to use the following features of the program: 

  • Evaluations

  • Update student information 

  • View class enrollment details 

  • Review payment details 

  • Review policies and procedures of the swim school 

You can access your parent portal using this link: https://app.iclasspro.com/parentportal/kkswimschool/
You have already created a username and password. If you forgot that information, click the 'Forgot Password' button. 



The beauty of iClass Pro's Parent Portal is its functional method of communication.

If any changes (class relocations, class cancellations, etc.) are made within the session, our admin team will reach you immediately via texts and emails. It is so important that your texts and emails are enabled in your iClass Pro Parent Portal. 

* K&K Swim School is not responsible for lost communication due to unsubscribing from iClass Pro's text and email feature *



Your swimmer's Skill Tree progress reports are updated online in your IClass Pro Parent Portal every other lesson by your instructor. This feature strengthens communication with our K&K families while keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to your swimmer's in-water progress.



Updating your swimmer's information on your IClass Pro Parent Portal allows your instructor to view the update at your next swimming lesson. You can place your child's medical information in this section if ever there is anything we need to know!



You have enrolled (registered) for K&K's classes online for the current session. The class enrollment information, start and drop (end) date are all stored in the Enrollment tab for you to refer back to. 



To make your checkouts easier, you can save your credit card details in your secured IClass Pro Parent Portal. 

Your transaction history is located in the Payment Details tab, which allows you to view your recent charges, payments and refunds. It is easy to make a payment if ever you have a charge to your account.



K&K's Policies & Procedures are instilled to keep our swimmers safe from harm and maintain a smooth functioning swim school.
Changes to these Policies & Procedures will pop-up on the home page of IClass Pro's Parent Portal as soon as you log in. Once you accept the terms & conditions, they can be referred to in the Policies / Procedures tab.  



of the following points when visiting our partnered hotels
for your swimming lessons this session: 


Keep food & drinks off and away from the pool deck

There are seating areas located outside of the pool areas if you wish to have a snack. We want to make sure the water is as contaminated-free as possible 


Throw away all garbage & diapers immediately 

There are garbage cans located on the pool deck & in the washrooms


Use your own towel 

Please leave the hotel’s towels for their guests. This drives massive costs to the facility, which will in-tern drive up the costs of our classes


The whirlpool (hot tub) / sauna /steam room /waterslides are to not be used before and/or after your lesson 

  • These amenities are off limits to our school and are dangerous to children if not supervised by a professional. 

  • During your lesson, should your swimmer use the whirlpool, this is at your own risk. Consent from the hotel is not given for whirlpool use once the lesson is completed 

  • The client should consult a physician before using the whirlpool


The registered swimmer is the only family member to use the swimming pool during their swim lesson


Return your key card back to the front desk within 20 minutes of ending your swim lesson


Keep your outdoor / street shoes & strollers at the front entrance 

This is to prevent injury due to bare feet on the pool deck and contamination of the water our children swim in 


For non-potty trained swimmers, three layers over their bottoms to prevent any accidents from leaking is mandatory 

Reusable swim diapers, disposable swim diapers, plastic coverings, bathing suits are all forms of layers. Should any accidents leak into the water, the remainder of our lessons for the day must be cancelled


Entry into the water is prohibited if the swimmer has diarrhea or has had diarrhea consecutively for the past two weeks, or has an interim disease or a disease communicable from the skin. 

Unfortunately, failure to comply will result in discontinuation of K&K services