Our Philosophy - K & K Private Swim Lessons

It all started when...

K & K Swim School started in the Fall of 2014 with a philosophy of teaching beginners to learn how to swim as effectively and safely as possible. 

Offering high-caliber private swimming lessons allows all of our swimmers to flourish in the water, promoting health and fitness at all ages, levels and abilities.

In Canada, public swimming lessons are taught with the use of lifejackets due to large class sizes. This inhibits the swimmer’s buoyancy, balance and overall feel for the water when first learning how to swim. We initiated K&K Swim School with the hopes of removing those aids from swim lessons. Now, using our unique method of teaching, it allows for children as young as 6 months old to swim independently without the use of aids.

Our main focus is to prevent drowning while promoting an absolute love for the water. While following the simple steps of learning how to swim we are growing our swimmers with strength, stamina, independence, confidence and above all, respect for the water.


We expect a full team effort in teaching our swimmers to swim, and communication with everyone in the program needs to be strong at all times. Working with so many different personalities, behaviours, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, levels and ages means our instructor’s and management need to be as adaptable as possible. 

Having very different philosophies and in-exposure to the water in Canada allows for most of our beginners to live with a fear of the water, which is a huge obstacle to overcome. Our instructors are trained to push limits and challenge their students emotionally and physically. The relationships they build with their swimmers stay with us all forever. We never take for granted the bond we have made with each of our students.