K&K Instructor

Bridging your passion with a professional opportunity: 

K&K encourages you to strive for excellence in educating children about respect for the water. With support from K&K’s management team, our employees are taught to be self-sufficient in decision making and problem-solving within the swim school.

What You Gain:

  • The ability to build your own schedule

  • Flexible work hours

  • Available health benefits

  • Complimentary renewal of certifications

  • Paid staff training and meetings

  • Professional and personal growth through development programs

  • Internal career opportunities within the swim school

  • Professional swim attire

  • K&K’s teaching material

Your Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Building professional growth at team meetings

  • Educating swimmers of all ages and their families by using K&K’s water loving curriculum in private and/or group settings

  • Arrive early to start each shift on time and with pride

  • Streamline growth by evaluating students and providing families with accurate and motivating feedback

  • With experience, teaching and inspiring new team members to work hard within the swim school

K&K Requires:

  • An appreciation and love for children of all ages 

  • Hard working, dynamic, and outgoing individuals

  • A strong team player

  • Confident leader

  • An adaptable and mouldable mindset

  • First Aid, CPR B or C

At K&K, we work to create a welcoming environment for not only our students, but for our staff. Our instructor’s are more than employees, they are members of the K&K family.

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