+ How much do lessons cost?

Prices are dependent on your location how long the current session is. Click Here to view prices.

+ Where do you offer lessons?

We are currently offering our services in the following cities: -Saskatoon, SK -Regina, SK -Calgary, AB

+ Do you offer special needs lessons?

We teach individuals of all ages, abilities and levels. Our special needs classes are offered one on one with an instructor throughout the entire week with K & K Swim School. All of our instructors have experience in working with Down Syndrome, Autism, sensory issues and hearing deficiencies. Be sure to fill out the assessment form to bring to your teacher for your first class, this will help us better understand your swimmer’s characteristics, allowing us to build our bond quicker and easier. Click Here to find the assessment form at the bottom of this page.

+ How many children can take part in a semi-private lesson?

You can include up to 2 children in a 30 minute semi-private lesson. However, we recommend private lessons for beginners. We feel that the more time spent with the instructor, the quicker the child will progress. Drills, goals and discipline can be individually tailored resulting to a better environment for the child and instructor.

+ I have 2 children who are at different levels – how would you structure a Semi-private?

We only offer Semi-Private lessons to swimmers at the same levels. Our goal in a semi-private lesson is to divide the time equally, 15 minutes per swimmer. Our instructors will assess what works best for the children. We recommend placing your children into private, one on one classes for the 1st session, having the instructor assess their abilities to place them into semi-privates in the future.

+ What age do you teach children to swim from?

We accommodate ages 5 months all the way to adults. Our Moms & Tots lessons are for babies 5 months to 24 months. For children over 2 years of age we offer private lessons.

+ Do you teach adults?

We accommodate all ages at K & K!

+ Are parents required to be in the water for swimming lessons?

Parent and Tot lessons are the only parent assisted classes with young swimmers ages 5 to 24 months. Mom, dad or guardian are welcome to come join our classes, learning how to be comfortable with your child’s relationship with the water. It is always best to have the same guardian swim in the lesson, we focus on building strong bonds with the proper technique which takes a lot of practice and commitment. For ages 24 months and up, our swimmers are in the water one on one with our instructors. Parents are to sit on the side fully clothed as an audience or leave the room. This allows for a more positive relationship with the instructor.

+ At what age could my child be able to swim by themselves?

Define swimming on their own? We have 5 month olds swimming underwater unassisted for a few seconds, we have 2 year olds swimming across the pool solo and 6 year olds swimming butterfly at record speed! Our objective is to get our swimmers comfortable in the water. We work with parents to be able to get their goals clarified and achieved as quickly as possible. An easy answer to that question would be: Children can have confidence in swimming by themselves as early as 5 months old!

+ What happens if it is raining, cold or if there is a thunderstorm during an at home lesson?

Lessons continue rain or shine, cold or warm. The only time backyard lessons are postponed is if there is a thunder and/or lightening storm. See our policies for more information.

+ Are your instructors certified and insured lifeguards?

All of our instructors are certified NLA lifeguards in Canada. They are fully insured through sports and fitness Canada.

+ Do you teach lessons year-round?

We teach classes all year long. We offer backyard lessons in the summer only, unless you have an indoor heated pool.