+ How much do lessons cost?

Prices are dependent on your location how long the session is. Click Here to view prices.

+ Where do you offer lessons?

We are currently offering our services in the following cities: -Saskatoon, SK -Regina, SK -Martensville, SK -Warman, SK -Calgary, AB -Airdrie, AB -Cochrane, AB -Okotoks, AB -Edmonton, AB -Sherwood Park, AB

Find a K&K location near you: http://kkswimschool.com/locations/

+ Do you offer swimming lessons for individuals with disabilities?

We teach individuals of all ages and abilities. Our private lessons offer one-on-one learning with an experienced instructor. Our instructors have training and experience working with swimmers with Down syndrome, swimmers on the Autism Spectrum and with sensory issues, as well as swimmers with visual and auditory impairments. Please fill out a Special Needs Learning Assessment Form. This form will help us to understand your swimmer, which will allow us to better meet their needs. Click Here to find the assessment form at the bottom of this page.

+ How many children can take part in a semi-private lesson?

K & K Swim School offers semi-private lessons for two swimmers that are at the same level. Semi-privates are an option for beginner-level adults. For young beginner-level swimmers, we highly recommend private lessons. We feel that young beginner-level swimmers progress more quickly in a private lesson, because they receive more one-on-one instruction that is tailored to their specific needs. Once swimmers reach the stroke improvement phase where they are practicing strokes including front crawl and back crawl, they are a good fit for semi-private lessons.

+ I have 2 swimmers who are at different levels – can they take a semi-private lesson?

We only offer semi-private lessons to swimmers at the same level. We do this to ensure that instruction provided is relevant to both swimmers, and so that instructor attention can be divided equally between both swimmers. We highly recommend first registering your swimmers into a private lesson, and asking your instructor at the end of the session if swimmers would be a good fit for semi-private lessons in the following session.

+ What ages of swimmers do you offer lessons for?

We teach swimmers of all ages! Our Parent & Tot lessons are for babies 5 months to 36 months. Children who are 2 years of age may either enroll in our Parent & Tot program or our private lessons. To see which of these options best fits your child, please email K & K at info@kkswim.com.

+ Do you teach lessons for adults?

We accommodate all ages at K & K! If you are an adult registering in lessons, please ensure to communicate with your instructor your past experience with swimming and your goals for the session.

+ Are parents required to be in the water for swimming lessons?

Parent & Tot lessons are the only parent-assisted classes. For Parent & Tot classes, mom, dad or guardian are welcome to be the assisting adult. It is best to be consistent with the guardian attending class, as we focus on comfortability, trust, and routine while teaching your baby to be love the water. Learning proper technique takes patience, practice, and commitment from the assisting parent or guardian.

For private lessons, our swimmers are in the water one-on-one with their instructor. Parents are to sit on the side of the pool, fully clothed as an audience, or can leave the room. This allows for a more positive relationship to be developed between the swimmer and the instructor.

+ At what age could my child be able to swim by themselves?

Define swimming on their own? We have 5 month olds swimming underwater unassisted for a few seconds, 2 year olds swimming across the pool solo, and 6 year olds swimming butterfly at record speed! We also have 2 year olds just learning to control their breath, 6 year olds just beginning to float independently, and 12 year olds that have never been into the pool before. Our objective is to first get our swimmers comfortable, so that they feel safe as they explore and try new things in the water. We work with parents to clarify goals so that we can achieve them as quickly as possible. An easy answer to that question would be: the sooner we get children into swimming lessons, the sooner we can teach them to be comfortable swimming by themselves!

+ Do you teach lessons year-round?

We teach classes all year long. At-Home lessons are only offered in the summer months, unless you have an indoor heated pool.