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  • Dominic

    This summer, we were at a friends lakefront cabin. My 4-year-old daughter went running towards the dock with our friends' 8-year-old son. I watched as she tried to climb into the boat. It all happened in a split second… She slipped and fell into the water. I screamed. My husband, who was on the lower deck with the kids, heard my scream and ran towards the dock. I heard him say, as I flew down the stairs from the upper deck, “where is she? Where is she??” He jumped into the water and came up to the surface with my baby girl. My daughter ran into my arms with nothing short of a whimper. I am pretty sure she was in shock. BUT she wasn’t crying. She wasn’t coughing. She wasn’t sputtering. She had NOT swallowed any water! My husband said that when he jumped into the water, he saw her swimming towards the dock. It appeared that she was swimming towards the sound of our voices. As terrible as this incident could have been, we were very lucky. I can not say for sure that we would have been so lucky had it not been for ongoing swim lessons through K&K Swim School. She didn’t appear to be scared, and she has since not spoken of that incident as anything other than her falling into the water. She knew what to do while under the water. She was back in the water without hesitation the weekend after. Both my husband and I are so grateful for the service this school provides and philosophy behind it. I believe that it helped save my daughters life. So, thank you. My 4-year-old daughter has been taking lessons with K&K since the age of 18 months, and our 3-year-old since she was 4.5 months. When I tell this story to family and friends, I tell them exactly this...K&K swim school.

  • Jennifer P

    We first brought our 6 month old twin boys to K&K Swim School just over 3 months ago and it was the best decision I could have made! I was very excited to start them in swimming lessons at a young age and researched diligently where to enroll them as I knew this was such an important skill to learn. After reaching out to Kaylee to learn more we registered the boys and they started the next day. Kaylee was our instructor and from the very first lesson I knew we made the right choice. The style of teaching at K&K Swim is next to none. Kaylee and our other instructors are patient and understand how to teach babies! I am very impressed with the caliber of skills the instructors have and know our boys are in the right program. I highly recommend K&K Swim School to anyone looking for first time lessons or looking to make a switch. We are currently enrolled in our third session and the abilities and new skills my boys have learned astonishes me every week! Thank you Kaylee, Karim and Ali!

  • Heather L

    K&K Swim has been an incredible experience. My 6 year old was so afraid to get his face/head wet that trying to wash his hair in the bath was a nightmare. We couldn't even poor water over his head without a struggle. After a session with K&K Swim we have seen a world of difference. Not only is washing his hair no problem anymore he can also swim across the pool unassisted, and loves going underwater. I also signed up my 2 1/2 year old son since he was there anyway. The first lesson he held on to the teacher with a death grip and never let go once. Now, he jumps off the pool into the deep end by himself and swims underwater for 3 seconds all by himself to the teacher. I can't say enough good things about the teaching methods developed by K&K Swim. They have it figured out!

  • Felicia W

    Best swim lessons ever! We were going on a holiday and staying at a house with a pool. I wanted my 5y old to have confidence in the pool. These lessons were the best money we have ever spent! Completely worth it to see our son's skills improve every week! Thank you for such a fantastic experience. Just book it, you will be happy you did!!

  • Sarah B

    I love working for K & K Swim School! It is an incredibly rewarding job and I enjoy watching my students grow and advance their swimming skills! I believe that every child should have the knowledge and skills to be safe around the water and K & K makes this possible through their detailed curriculum! As an instructor, the relationships that I build with each of my students individually helps me to structure our lessons based on their needs. K & K turns the water into a potential life threatening hazard into a place to have fun!

  • Heather G

    My 6 year old daughter was terrified of the water. She clung to the side of the pool and would not take her feet off the bottom. I enrolled her with k&k swim school and by the end of the third lesson she was swimming unassisted and jumping in the deep end of the pool. She has gained so much confidence in a short amount of time. Her teacher is amazing and I am amazed at what she has done for my daughter. I highly recommend k&k swim school to all parents with swimmers of any level!

  • Alysha M

    We are currently enrolled in our first session here in Calgary and my daughters love it. The lessons are fun and engaging and the instructors are skilled and patient. Leah is simply amazing with my stubborn preschooler and kindly pushes my 8-year old to do her best. I have seen tremendous improvement in both my girls in only a few weeks. I would recommend this swim school to all my friends and we can't wait to register in the next session.

  • Jamie N

    When we started my 4 year old loved being in the water but HATED putting her face in the water. Now she is diving to the bottom for things (her new favourite), swimming on her front with her face in the water and her back. My 1.5 year old cried the first 8 lessons but finally is warming up to the water and was doing submersions and glide to instructors yesterday with no tears. I am so happy with the progress.

  • Ren S

    I'm impressed with the level of commitment our swim instructor has! She's patient and I can tell she loves what she is doing. My boys are very energised after their sessions and the next session can't come quick enough for them. They are so engaged during the class and are pumped for the next. I love seeing the progress they make each week. Emily, I truly appreciate the work you have done with my boys. I'm delighted with the customer experience that I've had with K+K. They go well above giving good customer service. I recommend this swim school for their service offering, professionalism and responsiveness

  • Heather R

    This has been an incredible experience watching my 3 year old grow in ways that I didn't think were possible. He went from a reluctant swimmer to a confident one. The relationship our instructor, Brielle, has been able to build with my son has been central to his growth. Additionally, the curriculum has been tailored to the needs of my child working where he's at with ongoing feedback as to what we can do with him at home. This framework of relationships, tailored curriculum, and feedback is what makes K & K Swim School so successful in my eyes. I encourage anyone's child to join regardless of ability. The investment is worth it!

  • Lindsay R

    Still in shock from watching Braxton's first private lesson tonight!!! Our last experience with group lessons was completely traumatizing for him. You wouldn't have known that watching him today! His instructor Kaylee had him with his whole face in the water without holding his nose!! Trust was built very quickly and he did everything she asked of him today! I couldn't be happier with our decision to put him into private lessons! Thank you K & K Swim!!!! Can't wait to see how Braxton progresses over the next couple months!

  • Marlice M

    We just had our First lesson with Dale Wilson and I have to say she is absolutely wonderful she got my son to stick his nose in the water which was a no go before. She is amazing with my son. First lesson and money well spent as I already seen a huge improvement first lesson. If your debating putting your child in private lessons due it you won't look back. Thank you Dale will have a fish in no time.

  • Heather C

    I have 3 children and this is the first time I have been in private lessons. All I can say is "WOW!" I am so amazed that these lessons bring out the skills and abilities that little ones need in the water! My 6 month old can do a 10-20 second back float with just me cradling his little head! It is incredible! I love seeing his progress each week and he just inately knows what to do which is amazing for how young he is! Highly recommend these swimming lessons to anyone!

  • Heather Ry

    We are on vacation at a place with a deep pool & my 4 year old jumped into the deep end without his floatation belt we've been using here (not ideal, but it happens!!!) - I was close, but not expecting him to jump, but because of his swim lessons with the school, he was fine!!! I don't think he would have even noticed anything was unusual except for my shouting at him! And, my daughter, who is almost 2, swims around like a fish, loves to jump in the water & has just got into wearing goggles. We are hoping they'll get to see a turtle underwater with their swimming skills!!!

  • Kristin P

    These lessons have been absolutely incredible! I would have never thought I would be doing submersions with our baby, but am I ever glad we signed up for this class. Our little 7 month old has no fear after taking the beginner mom and tot class and is much more advanced and brave in the pool than our 3.5 year old. Our instructor was great and very supportive. We will be starting our 3.5 year old in private lessons with K&K. Swim skills are so important!

  • Octavia D

    My son started swimming lessons when he was 6 months old and is in his 4th set of lessons now. Not going to lie, he started out by hating the water and cried every lesson; however, he stuck with it and now he looks forward to swimming very week. He pushes for independence in the pool and while he still battles me on floating independently at times, the submersions, jumping in, turning over and using his ams to stay afloat are going wonderfully

  • Erin L

    I cant believe how amazing the classes are!! Watching my 2 year old in the water has exceeded my expectations! My 5 month old is also taking classes and it is unbelievable how quickly they learn the skills. I never thought she would be going under the water and she absolutely loves it!! We have amazing instructors and I am so thankful for what they have taught us!! Definitely worth every penny!!!

  • Keelie D

    My daughter who is 12 months has been in these lessons since she was 4.5 months and I cannot believe how far she has come. We started out crying every lesson to now as soon as she sees the water she is excited. The instructors are very knowledgable and there for you and your child. I cannot wait to see my daughter grow up comfortable and safe around water.

  • Jessica W

    I really like that they have smaller groups for lessons. It's nerve wracking to submerge a little baby but when you have an instructor right there watching you and only two others it makes it way easier. I also liked the fact that the pools we used were smaller and private. Our instructor Aiden was amazing too! Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Chelsy S

    My son has been in traditional group swimming lessons since a baby and always loved the water yet he was never taught to swim. He is 4 years old and at his 6th session with K&K swimming, he was able to swim the length of the pool on his back. His instructor, Chris is amazing and always encouraging to our son. We have just signed our son up for another session and are excited to see how much he will continue to learn.

  • Teress W

    Our seven month old daughter is currently in the beginner mom and tot program. She had previously completed the Red Cross starfish program and while that one was very enjoyable, K &K Swim School has far exceeded our expectations. The class sizes are small with lots of one on one attention and constructive feedback. The skills are more authentic and focus on actual swim technique development. We also love that it is offered in communities surrounding Saskatoon which is much more convenient for our family. We will definitely be enrolling in the next session of lessons!

  • Dazi L

    I cannot begin to explain how much K & K swim school has exceeded my expectations. In just a few short classes I have seen so much growth in my daughter. I never would have believed it would happen so fast. The instructor is amazing, We cannot wait until fall classes begin. If you are thinking about registering, just do it, I highly recommend.

  • Bev J

    My 18 month old grandson and I had a great time and learned so many swimming skills at our lessons. The instructor was great with both the children and the adults! I highly recommend this program! Keep your kids safe around the water by taking these fun and effective lessons.

  • Nicky Adams

    I would never return to group swimming lessons again. This program is adapted to suit each child's individual needs. I asked for an instructor to be recommended to suit my child's personality and a perfect match was found and because of this I have seen amazing progress with my daughter.

  • Candace S

    Our instructors have been so encouraging, and I am blown away at the progress my daughter has made since we have been long lessons!

  • Kimberly D

    My son Brantley started in swimming lessons at 5 months old and absolutely loves them!! Aidan is an amazing teacher and he absolutely loves her!! We are in our second round and there will definitely be more!!!

  • Chennene A

    Arianna is the best teacher! So good with Malea and has made her so much more comfortable in the water.

  • Mel M

    Very excited to get my boys registered this winter!! My oldest learned so much!

  • Trisha P

    Amazing program! One session of 8 weeks with Meagan exceeded my expectations with my 5 year old daughter! Totally worth it and we will continue with K&K Swim School!

  • Ariel J

    So far I have learned so much and had no idea I was capable to deal with some of the situations we are put in! Now, I think submersion are kind of fun!

  • Ashlee P

    Love how comfortable my little man is with the water. It is so awesome to see how much they can learn, at such a young age, in such a short period of time! Thanks guys!

  • Mike M

    Six months ago our son had a sincere fear of water. Since enrolling him in K&K, with the amazing coaching of Chris and Aiden, he has turned into a fish! My wife and I never expected the results we have seen week to week, and we couldn't be happier, thank you!