Infant Swim Lessons - K & K SWIM School

‘To be successful means to get uncomfortable’

Welcome to K&K Swim School’s Parent & Tot program. Our classes are designed to build your swimmer from having little water experience to a water loving, independently swimming toddler.


Running in age groups, the Parent & Tot program has three levels - 5-12 months, 13-24 months and 25-36 months. Working with your child’s physical, cognitive and social development on land maximizes your swimmer’s overall in-water capabilities. Our classes are designed to host beginners, intermediates and advanced swimmers in the same class. This allows the kids to excel together as your child’s ability, development and age determine how their levels are completed. By teaching this way, we ultimately remove the ‘pass or fail’ stigma with learning to swim.


Though it is not required that the parents in the Parent & Tot program are confident swimmers, our mission is to teach you, as the parent, how to be comfortable and confident in your child’s abilities with the water. By teaching you to be your own child’s instructor, your in-water bond with your baby will become un-breakable. 


Parents and tots

Take a look at the methods we use for each age group: 

Parent & Tot 5-12 months:

In this level you will be learning an array of skills that improves your comfort in the water as a parent to a soon to be water loving 12 month old. We build their breath control at this age, building their confidence in submerging themselves on their own. Babies learn through exploration, so allowing them to explore their watery environment benefits their affinity towards water. In the 5-12 month old level, we heavily focus on the parent's relationship with their swimmer in this new element. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We are excited to teach you and your little one everything you need to know to bond together in the water and to experience this journey together. 


Parent & Tot 13-24 months:

In this level you will be learning an array of skills that will better your child’s efficiency in the water, giving you and your child comfort, security and love for the water. At this point in their life, their growth is steadying and they are developing a personality of their own. Parents will learn how to provide independence for their 1-years-olds in the water. Teaching from your child's perspective of learning independence on land, we build trust, confidence, movement and relationship with the water.

“Freedom lies in being bold” and this age group is bold. Our team is ready to give your child the confidence they need to feel free in the water. 


Parent & Tot 25-36 months:

In this level you will be teaching your child to swim in great length around the pool, moving to and from using obstacles and challenging their stamina to create endurance and strength in their little muscles. By using their physical capabilities, we challenge them mentally, providing route to problem solve in the water. Your relationship with your child at this level, is less structured and more focused on play. 

“To create and succeed in the goals we set, we must first believe.” Teaching our children they are capable will only give them the strength to pursue what is possible. 


WANT YOUR BABIES TO love the water? 


Ages 5 months - 36 months
Get them to learn with the comfort of Mom and/or Dad by their side
Have fun while learning
Receive homework, tips and tricks every class